Logo Design Adelaide

Creative Feed creates strong, recognisable and meaningful branding for businesses in Adelaide and beyond.

We can design a new logo for a start up business, or we can redesign your existing logo design, to create strong, unique, and recognisable brand for your business.

Branding and Logo Design - a Flexible Approach


Client and business discovery

After an initial consultation to understand your business and your objectives, we'll work closely with you to develop a logo and brand that suit your needs and makes your business stand out from your competitors.


Research and competitor discovery

In order to develop a strong recognisable logo for your brand we study the of identities competitors and those in your industry.


Logo and branding application

Next we understand where and how your logo will be used; posters, business cards, websites, signs, banners, brochure and so on


Initial concepts

Then we’ll sketch some initial logo concepts to see how they may work.

We’ll take these initial design and create them digitally.

We’ll incorporate a palette of colours, typography and iconography before finalising our selections to present to you.


Design presentation and feedback

We present the initial design concepts to you and seek your feedback.


Revision and approval

After your feedback, we'll make any amendments or incorporate enhancements before your approve.


Delivery of design files and guidelines

Once you have a logo you love we'll provide you with the file formats you need - high resolution, vector artwork which you can use for business cards, signage, embroidery and all your marketing collateral.

Brand Identity and Colours

There are no hard-and-fast rules in this field, and creating a logo that suits you can take some development. Throughout this creative process, we will work to understand your needs, to ensure you wind up with a logo you’ll and want to share with everyone.

Our Team and Graphic Design Skills

Graham West will lead your design project and provide exceptional logo design that resonates with your target market and provide a visual identity to attract potential customers.

Portfolio of Company Logos

We have provided graphic design services to a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries in and around Adelaide.

Clients and Customer Testimonials

Professional, attentive and offers quick turnaround times

Print and Signage

Creative Feed can then manage your logo and apply to any collateral required.

Business cards, brochure designs stationery, shop signs or vehicles are just some of the examples we have worked on for our clients.

Customer Service

Creative Feed are here to help you apply your branding and logo to a range of applications.

You may need at a later date, letterhead design, business stationery, advertising design or even a website.

Costs and Timescale

The design process typically takes 7 to 10 days and the cost will vary from a simple logo design to a full visual communication solution.

We recommend getting in touch and we can better scope out your requirements and costs.

What are you looking for in a logo design?

Lets talk to see if we can help with your business