Trends in Adelaide’s Web Design

The pace of progression in the online world has been unprecedented, and has been driven by a wide variety of factors. Faster wifi, more powerful devices, and the rise of the mobile have all changed our online habits in ways we could barely conceive of only a few short years beforehand.

The only real certainty is that this revolution, the shift towards an economy and society that is online more often and for more purposes, is only going to continue. As this trend evolves, so must web design, for Adelaide and throughout Australia. The latest and greatest attributes are a necessity to draw traffic in a growing online marketplace. As we begin the new year, we at Creative Feed expect a number of key trends to make themselves clear in 2017.

Gradients The once-popular transitioning photo filters fell out of vogue in years past, but they have since made a comeback. Their ability to add subtle changes in your background images has combined with better bandwidth and higher resolution screens, ensuring the background of a site looks striking.

Progression Far from the crowded home pages of last year, modern web design takes the users on a lengthier journey. This means that the user is driven towards certain hook points, and the home page itself can be merely a conduit to them. That is why so many striking new web designs in Adelaide are seeing minimal text on their home pages.

Increased Use of Animation and Gifs This is a no-brainer. These lightweight animations serve as a drawing point for the eye of the observer, and jazz up the place.

Custom Fonts As firms become more and more niche-focused in response to a more crowded web, marketing efforts have become focused on providing a unique voice and online look. Custom fonts are just one expression of this trend.

Geared towards Adelaide’s online needs, Creative Feed takes a professional and studied look at your web design needs, and executes like no one else can. Contact us today to find out more.