What Are Responsive Websites?

A good site loads fast, is streamlined and looks great- these attributes are all focused on engaging visitors and retaining their attention. As a matter of fact, that is the goal behind building a business website. If you want to hold & retain visitor attention and convince them to buy your services or product, it’s important that your site have all these attributes. However, just this isn’t sufficient any longer. If you want to go anywhere in business, it’s important that you have a responsive website.

What are Responsive Websites?

Responsive sites are just that- they’re responsive!! The site quickly responds to the environment that it’s in. Today, the users will be accessing your site via different platforms and the objective is to have a site that is accessible via various platforms. With the influx of different tablets and mobile phones as well as the different operating systems that are used, it has become important that businesses opt for responsive sites. That is the one way of grabbing the attention of the viewer and keeping them on your site.

We at Creative Feed design responsive websites that work seamlessly across various platforms and ones that load and function smoothly. The responsiveness & compatibility of a site across different platforms is largely dependent on the code that is used in it. We ensure that your site has the right code and that it has the flexibility to adjust across different orientations, screen sizes, devices and browsers.

Aspects we Focus On

There are a number of things we focus on while building your responsive websites:

  • Flexible design- this includes fluid images and fluid layouts
  • The right resolution to ensure that picture clarity is maintained, regardless of the device being used
  • Custom layout structure – this determines the layout of a webpage on varying devices & screen sizes
  • Internal links are added to different sections of the webpages instead of having them load entirely
  • CSS & JavaScript media enquiries are included to make the site compatible to different resolutions and devices
  • We shrink or crop images to fit the screen of the device it is being viewed on
  • We design for different interfaces. A large number of devices have touchscreens nowadays- we keep this in view and design responsive websites for these devices; this ensures ease of navigation

Customised Solutions

When you come to us with your requirement, we work very closely with you, to understand what your requirements are and then provide solutions that are in-line with those needs. We are focused on providing customised solutions and personalised services. Even as we provide high quality services, we maintain very reasonable pricing and this means you get value for money every time. Call us for more information about how we can help you with a responsive website. You can also contact us via this form on our website.