Should you redesign your website?

You may have a website online but if its not generated the sales you would like you may want to consider an overhaul. As your business grows its important that your website changes with it. Its crucial that your website is up to date with relevant content as most visitors to your website may be new to your business and this would put a bad first impression out to potential customers.

Your website should explain everything that your business does. This will persuade the visitor to make a phone call. If your website doesn’t portray all your skills and services the potential customer could leave your site and find someone else that meets their needs.

Your website should say to your customers immediately why you are the best option for them. A clear value proposition should be front centre of your homepage so they get the message straight away.

Are you embracing social media? If you site hasn’t incorporated the ability for someone to ‘Like’ or share your website you may be missing out on new business.

Some customers are likely to compliment your site if it is a great site. If you don’t receive a lot of compliments than its likely your site may be ageing and needs a refreshment.

If you would like some feedback on your current site Creative Feed can take a look and offer some suggestions on what would be involved to improve your website.