5 Things To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Having a website is important but if nobody can find it to appreciate it then your efforts are all for nothing. Here's 5 things you could do that will increase traffic to your site.

1. Use social media. It's free! Facebook and Twitter are easy ways to help your site to be circulated. By having a Facebook page you can give your brand a voice and personality. This has many benefits, not just from a viewers point of view but will help your SEO by circulating your link across the net.

2. Keep content relevant. Keep your website updated regularly. Customers like to be informed and will share this information which will bring more traffic. If you website appears to have outdated information you won't come across as relevant. Google also likes sites that are regularly updated so it has SEO benefit.

3. Build links to your site. The more people and websites that link to your website the more search engines will like your site. Make conversation in blogs and link back to your site. 

4. Review your web design. Make sure information is laid out on your web site so people can easily find it. Your services should be front centre telling potential customers why you are the right business. Make navigation simple so customers can find their way around your site.

5. Use Meta tags. You can maximise your SEO rankings by updating your page Title Tags, Meta Tags and URLs. Make the most out of your Meta Tag description and use it to stand out from the competitors. Clearly state your services also including a phone number.