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Word-of-mouth advertising is our favourite method of developing new business. In fact, over 50% of our business comes from referrals. As such, we want to reward clients who are pleased with our work and refer us to another individual or business.
If you refer our services, and we ultimately establish a website contract with that business, we’ll give you a $200 towards any service you like to say thanks. 
You can put it towards any of the services we offer, even your monthly ongoings. In theory, you could refer us just three of your friends and your entire year's website ongoings are basically covered. Pretty sweet, huh?
It’s just another way we give more... so you get more!
To Get Started Simply Introduce Your Friend BY Email!
Referring is easy! 
Simply follow the steps below...
  •  Simply send an email to introducing your friend.
  •   You can choose to cc your friend in on the email or just contact us directly with your introduction, it's up to you.
  •   We'll make contact and take it from there so you can get back to business...
  •   And if they end up investing in a website with us, we'll let you know and give you $200 towards any services with us. 
Here's some wording you can copy and paste into your email to save time. (Just remember to CC your friend into the email!):

Hey Graham,

I'd like to introduce you to my friend, [Full Name]. [He/She] has a small business offering [service/product] to [target audience] in [location].

Seeing as you did such a great job with my website, I told [Name] they should talk to you to discuss a strategy for their business to ensure it generates leads from the get-go and doesn't end up just collecting dust like a lot of sites out there. 

So [Name], please meet Graham! He is the owner of Creative Feed and will be able to help you setup a great website that doesn't break the bank. Graham helped me get my website up to scratch and I'm sure they'll be able to help you too. 

Graham, here's [Name's] contact details: 

[Business Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address] 

It'd be great if you can reach out to [Name] and see if you can help them like you've helped me. Cheers,

[Your Name]
[Email Signature]

Feel free to change any of the wording to suit yourself of course. And give us a call on 0404 804 182 if you have any questions or would prefer to introduce us to someone via a phone call instead.
Thanks so much for spreading the word, we really appreciate it! Happy referring!! :)
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Important Note
Just make sure that if you're referring someone to us, you need to tell us so we know to reward you! We get a lot of calls from prospects saying "Yeah, my friend has a website with you guys" or "Someone mentioned you the other day but I can't remember who they were" and we want to know it's come from YOU so we can reward you! 
Spam Act Notifications
To put your mind at rest, rest assured we will NOT spam your friend! We understand how important your relationship is with everyone you recommend, and as such we give you our 100% promise that unless they voluntarily sign up to our newsletter, we will not add them to any of our mailing lists. 
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